Mansfield District Hospital Volunteers assist with resident outings and activities or take a one-on-one role to become a special friend to a resident who may not have any family living close by.

There are two types of volunteers – the first is is through our local scheme.

Buckland House, Bindaree or the High Country Angels Pastoral Care Service volunteers are often involved in group activities.

Interested volunteers may apply directly by contacting the volunteer coordinator at Mansfield District Hospital on (03) 5775 8800 during business hours for an application form.

All Volunteers are expected to complete a volunteer’s registration form, sign a confidentiality agreement, become familiar with certain organisational policies and procedures, and undergo a police check.

The second is the Community Visitors’ Scheme organised through the Regional Coordinator at The Centre in Wangaratta.

Community volunteers are matched with an individual who does not usually have family or friends living in the area. The visitor may take the resident on individual outings or just drop in for a chat on a regular basis.

Those wishing to join the Community Visitors’ Scheme should contact the Regional Coordinator at on (03) 5721 0255 or Free Call: 1800682710

image High Country Angels

Who are the High Country Angels?

The High Country Angels Pastoral Care service provides “Angel” volunteers to visit patients and residents of the hospital’s aged care residences Bindaree and Buckland House. The Angels help relieve the anxiety of hospitalisation, the loneliness and boredom or to simply listen and share patient concerns.

Their role is to support and complement the work of hospital staff by providing support to patients and residents through friendship and encouragement.

Angels bring laughter and friendship to their many roles from feeding residents to bringing in their own pets to brighten their day. They may also assist hostel residents with regular card games, reading and music sessions or maybe, take wheelchair patients to visit a friend, attend an outside appointment.

Volunteers interested in becoming a High Country Angel should contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator at Mansfield District Hospital on (03) 5775 8800 during business hours for more information.

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