The Mansfield District Hospital operates under the following registered objectives:

  • To ensure high standards of health care in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, geriatrics, paediatrics, accident and emergency medicine, community health and paramedical services.
  • To promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for patients, staff and visitors by means of education and continuing review of occupational health and safety issues.
  • To be responsive to the total health care needs of the community by providing a base for community health support groups, community education and health promotion programs in cooperation with other community based health care providers.

At Mansfield District Hospital we share the following values:


We believe in providing a high quality, effective and accessible health service that reflects best practice.


We believe it imperative to be honest, open and ethical in our decision-making and business transactions.


We believe in providing a safe, fair and equitable environment for our staff where scholarship is valued and professional development is advanced.


We believe in sustainable business and environmental practice.

We deliver on our role by being:

  • Seeking to achieve best use of resources
  • Maintaining professionalism in all our interactions
  • Demonstrating openness and fairness when dealing with others
  • Using our knowledge and skills to perform our duties to the best of our ability
  • Providing frank, impartial and timely feedback to requests for information
  • Identifying and encouraging best practice in our interactions with colleagues
  • Seeking to resolve conflict rapidly and constructively
  • Honouring confidentiality
  • Actively implementing, promoting and supporting human rights
  • Making decisions and providing advice on merit without bias, caprice, favouritism or self interest
  • Being honest, open and transparent in our dealings with our colleagues
  • Using powers responsibly
  • Reporting improper or inappropriate conduct
  • Identifying and avoiding conflicts of interest in our daily practice.
  • Treating others fairly and objectively considering the relevant facts and applying fair criteria
  • Working to clear objectives in a transparent manner
  • Ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Using our colleagues’ views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.
  • Communicating courteously
  • Discussing differences in a clear and calm manner
  • Refraining from using behaviours that are abusive, intimidating and patronising
  • Accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships that support the goals of the organisation
  • Actively implementing, promoting and supporting our values

We do this through the continual professional development to enhance the capability of all staff in line with the organisation’s direction.

MDH Strategic Plan 2013-2018

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MDH Strategic Plan 2015-2018 - Executive Summary

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