Acute Services

Acute nurse

The 24 bed Acute Unit provides care to people with medical conditions and those requiring ongoing care post-surgery.

The unit comprises four single rooms, three double, one four bed ward and one specialised bariatric room. These rooms cater for both public and privately insured patients. There are three single rooms also dedicated to our midwifery unit.

Televisions are complementary for all patients.

Our Services

  • Surgical Care
  • Urgent Care Centre
  • Maternity
  • Primary Health
  • Palliative Care
Surgical Care

MDH provides a range of minor surgical and endoscopy procedures to meet the needs of our community.

Specialist surgeons from Wangaratta and Melbourne visit MDH on a sessional basis.

  • General Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Endoscopy
  • Gynaecology

Mansfield District Hospital is fortunate to have the services of local general practitioner anaesthetists to support this service, a sterilizing technician and a team of highly trained and devoted nursing staff to cover the demands of the day stay unit, theatre and sterilizing department.

Urgent Care Centre

Staffed by Registered Nurses, each trained in Basic Life Support and many with additional training in First Line Emergency Care, the centre is supported by local GPs. You will incur a cost for being seen by a doctor. You will also incur a cost if you require additional tests, such as x-rays, and will be billed directly by the local medical clinics.

When you arrive in the Urgent Care Centre your care will be prioritised according to the severity of your illness or injury. Unless it is a life-threatening emergency or an urgent case, you may not see a doctor. Your care may be provided by a Registered Nurse or the doctor may instruct hospital staff to ask you to make an appointment at the medical clinic the next working day if your condition is considered non-urgent.

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Mansfield District Hospital provides low risk birthing services for women with term pregnancies (between 37 – 42 weeks). Those women, who develop complications or go into labour less than 37 completed pregnancy weeks, will be referred to a specialist located at a larger regional hospital for birth of the baby.

Mansfield District Hospital also provides postnatal and domiciliary care to women who give birth at other hospitals.

In compliance with the Safe Patient Care (Nurse to Patient and Midwife to Patient Ratios) Amendment Act 2019, section 31(6) Mansfield District Hospital advises that for the period 1 March 2019 to 1 September 2019 we operated one (1) nominated birth suite.

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Primary Health

Mansfield District Hospital’s Primary Care Centre (PCC) provides a range of benefits. 

The Primary Health goal is to support and promote the health and wellbeing of the community through health promotion, illness prevention and early intervention.

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Palliative Care
Mansfield District Hospital has a dedicated palliative care suite which has an adjoining sitting room that contains a kitchenette, sofa bed and dining facilities for family and friends to use whilst supporting their loved one during the terminal phase of an illness.

Using Health Insurance

You can choose to be admitted as a public or private patient.

For private patients Mansfield District Hospital will cover any gaps or co-payments. Private patients will be given a single room (if available) during their hospital stay. By choosing to use your private health insurance, the hospital will benefit directly and you will not have any out of pocket expenses.


Overseas visitors to Australia who are:

  • Not covered under a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement
  • Not verified as an Asylum Seeker/Refugee
  • Not receiving care specifically for tuberculosis

Will be treated as a Medicare Ineligible Patient. This means you will be required to pay for costs of treatment. Click here for current fees.

Visiting Times

As a matter of courtesy, visitors should check with the nurse in charge before visiting any patients. The hospital reserves the right to ask visitors to leave the premises at any time. Visitors are also requested to keep noise to a minimum.

General Wards: 12.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Midwifery Ward: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Rest period 12 noon to 3.00 pm – No visitors or phone calls during this time

Your children may visit during this time with the permission of the nurse in charge. Normal visiting hours are observed but we attempt to ensure that mother and babe are not overwhelmed by visitors. Visitors to the maternity unit may be restricted on the first days after baby’s birth.

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