This is an update to the post from earlier today.

We have received the latest information on visiting restrictions. These are now mandated and no longer advisory.

Bindaree and Buckland House:

‘Normal’ visitors: Where the visitor is the parent, guardian, partner, carer or support person of the resident, and the person’s visit is for the purpose of providing emotional, cultural, spiritual or social support to the resident that cannot reasonably be provided by that person via electronic or other non-contact means (1 visitor at any time, once per day for max 2hrs)

Essential care persons: Visitor’s presence at the facility is for the purposes of providing essential care and support necessary for the resident’s physical wellbeing that optimises the care and support delivered by workers at the facility and cannot reasonably be provided by that person via electronic means (1 visitor, no time limits)

Essential behaviour assistance person: Visitor’s presence at the facility is necessary to support individual behaviours of concern, such as for people living with dementia, cognitive impairment or cognitive disability, or who have a known or emerging serious mental illness (no time limits)

End of life – 2 visitors, no time limit

Acute and Midwifery:

Permitted visitors restricted to two visitors per patient for up to one hour per day.

People in the following categories will not be bound by the one-hour time limit, however the limit of two visitors must still be adhered to:

• A parent or guardian or temporary carer of a patient in the hospital who is under 18 years

• A carer of a patient with a disability

• A partner or support person of a pregnant patient

• A support person for a patient coming into the emergency department of a hospital (Urgent Care Centre at MDH)

• A person who is providing support to a patient receiving palliative or end-of-life care in hospital

Further restrictions apply for people who have recently visited NSW or Victorian hot spots. These are in our earlier post.

Once again ask that you respect our staff as they are acting in accordance with directives designed to protect our community.