Over the past 24 hours there have been 6 new confirmed community cases of COVID-19 in Victoria. This is an evolving situation.

In response the Deputy Chief Health Officer has provided the following advice:

• Until the situation is considered under control visits to Aged Care facilities are discouraged.

• Our recommendation is that visits should only be by essential people for essential reasons.

• We are asking for your cooperation with this advice

• People who have been in the identified hot spots in NSW and Victoria along with their close contacts will not be permitted to visit. Up to date advice on these hot spots is readily available in the media and web.

We are also applying these restrictions to the acute and midwifery wards.

At this stage this information is a recommendation and not a directive of the Deputy CHO but we are actively seeking your support to protect our community.

Please respect our staff undertaking the screening and note that there may be some delays encountered.

We are also running our testing clinic Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This information will be updated if things change.