Just a reminder to our local community.

Physical Distancing is your Super Power!

It makes the difference between becoming a close contact if someone you know is diagnosed with COVID-19.

If you get any cold-like symptoms, please ISOLATE until you have a negative swab result and your symptoms have resolved.

If you think you may have been in contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19, the best and safest thing to do is ISOLATE.

The criteria for close contact is 15 minutes face to face (within 1.5 metres) or 2 hours in a shared, enclosed space.
The virus may take up to 14 days to show symptoms, and an early negative swab test will not prevent that.
Keeping 1.5 metres away from others is our new normal, and is the simplest way to help protect ourselves, our loved ones and the wider community.

And of course don’t forget that hand hygiene is also a potent defence against COVID-19.