Board Overview

The hospital is overseen by a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor-in-Council upon the recommendation of the Minister for Health.

The overall function of the Board is determined under section 33 of the Health Services Act 1988 and is to:

  • Oversee and manage the organisation; and
  • Ensure the services provided by the organisation comply with the requirements of the Act and Mansfield District Hospital’s values and strategic goals.

Mansfield District Hospital Board of Directors meets this by having a diverse range of professional expertise and community representation.

The Hospital Board has a responsibility, within a framework of Government policy for monitoring the performance of the organisation.

In everyday terms the Board is responsible for setting the strategic directions of the health service.

Provision of high quality care, meeting the needs of the community and operating in accordance with financial and non-financial performance targets are priorities.

Board of Directors

Karen Bennetts - Chair

Karen is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course and has almost 20 years of governance experience.  She has worked for government, large corporate and SMEs, including three decades in the education industry.  Karen moved to Mt Buller in June 2017.

Karen’s interests are in strategic planning and community service.  She has a PhD in Montessori leadership and has recently become involved in the training of organisational administrators.  In 2016, Karen was awarded a State Fellowship Award from the Australian Council of Educational Leaders for her contribution to the education sector.

Amanda Vogt - Deputy Chair

Amanda is a registered solicitor and began her career working in commercial leasing and contract law before transitioning to the public sector working in different executive managerial roles.

She has considerable experience in corporate planning, risk management, procurement and contract administration in the private and public sectors. Amanda’s recent focus has been on property management and corporate strategic and capital works planning for the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management Board.

Living in Bonnie Doon and working on Mt Buller allows Amanda to connect to two thriving communities and understand their unique health needs and connections to Mansfield District Hospital services.

Phillip Officer


Phillip commenced his career as a corporate planner with global multi-national Shell and has over 35 years’ experience in senior corporate management and leadership roles both within complex corporate structures and SME’s.

Phillip is the founding Director of Q-exec Consulting, providing Management Consulting services and Executive search and selection across diverse industry sectors including large corporate, government and SME clients.

His special interests are in Strategic Planning, HR, Finance and Communication.

Phillip and his wife Robin are permanent residents near Piries.

Katie Lockey

Katie Lockie-8948

Katie is the principal solicitor of Mal Ryan and Glen Lawyers in Mansfield. She commenced her legal career in Melbourne and has practiced in wide and varied areas of the Law.  With clientele from across the spectrum in Mansfield and the surrounding district she has a good understanding of local issues and needs. Katie lives in Barwite with her husband and two delightful young children.

Lisa Morgan

Lisa is a senior finance professional with more than 20 years experience in Finance Management, Accounting and Risk Management.  CPA qualified, her career has spanned a variety of senior roles in diverse organisations, from some of Australia’s largest corporations to smaller start-ups and everything in between.

Lisa lives in the Mansfield area with her husband and two girls.

Matthew Hoskin

Matthew is a board director and business leader with over 25 years of experience managing and governing businesses in the healthcare and medical technology sectors.  He has worked in hospitals as well as in industry for both small and large multinational companies.  Now as a medical technology development and commercialism consultant, Matthew assists businesses to deliver innovative medical products that address unmet clinical needs in the healthcare market.

Matthew has a family connection to Jamieson since his ancesstors settled there in 1863, and he and his family currently split their time between Melbourne and their property on the Jamieson river.

Richard Ray

Richard has extensive finance, audit, commercial and general management experience, gained working across Australia and New Zealand.  He has mainly worked for major consultancies, as well as in the electricity industry and, for two years as a Public Servant in the health sector.

Richard has served on a range of corporate, member-based and charitable boards and committees.  He holds management and finance qualifications.

Having had family connections to the district for many years, he and his wife permanently relocated from Auckland to Mansfield in late 2o20.

Peter Valerio

Peter has over 40 years of professional experience across a range of organisations in the public, private and academic realms.

He is the founder of a specialist tourism and economic development consulting firm and an experienced public sector Board Director. Peter is respected internationally for his destination marketing and research which has been recognised by esteemed institutions such as Hawaii’s Executive Development Institute for Tourism and the Pacific Area Travel Association.

He has worked extensively with Government at all levels and has been engaged to prepare numerous place and precinct strategy development projects. He is intimately familiar with complex, multi-stakeholder contexts and in this setting has developed strong communications and stakeholder engagement skills.

Peter resides in Mansfield and is married with four children.

Rachel Paulus

Rachel is a local community pharmacist, who has lived in Mansfield since 2010.

Her early career was in hospital pharmacy in New Zealand and then the UK, giving her a wide experience in a variety of health systems.

With over 20 years working in pharmacy, she has extensive experience in healthcare.

Rachel currently works part-time while also raising two boys and breeding Angus cattle on her farm in Barwite with her husband.

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