Our Direction

Our vision:

Healthy communities, trusted healthcare

We share the following values:

We deliver great care

We strive for the best health outcomes for our consumers and communities every time. Consumers are at the centre and we consistently provide high-quality, safe and personalised care. We demonstrate empathy and kindness in every aspect of our care.

We respect each other

We respect our peers, our consumers, our hospital and our environment. Care is delivered thoughtfully and with compassion. We are considerate of our consumers’ dignity and privacy, and our consumers trust and have confidence in our quality of care. We actively listen and act fairly, impartially and without judgement

We work together

We work as a cohesive team and feel connected to the work we do together. We maintain strong connections to our diverse communities in and outside of Mansfield. We work in collaboration with our partners to deliver exceptional care. We have honest and open conversations with our staff, consumers and the community.

We empower each other

We support and trust each other to deliver an exceptional consumer experience. We give our consumers the information and resources they need to make considered and informed decisions about their health care. We continuously support our staff in their development and empower them to make decisions based on their best judgement.

Great Care:

We commit to ensuring every person who has contact with Mansfield District Hospital receives Great Care consistently and every time


The individual’s values, beliefs and ‘uniqueness’ guide all aspects of planning and delivery of care


The right care is delivered in the right way and at the right time


Care and information is received when needed, and in a coordinated way


Avoidable harm is eliminated

MDH Strategic Plan 2020-24

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Great Care @ MDH

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