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Welcome Back Aged Care Visitors. It has been too long. standard

From 6pm Friday 29th October changes will apply to visiting Buckland House and Bindaree. Of course there are still some rules to follow. Each resident is allowed up to five visitors per day Visitors are not required to be vaccinated, though we strongly encourage them to be so to protect not only themselves and the resident they are visiting but also other residents and staff in the facility. Where visitors are not fully vaccinated, that is, have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, visits are to take place either outdoors or in the resident's room. Unvaccinated visitors are not to enter communal areas. Because of this requirement we will need to check the vaccination status of all visitors. Visitors are required to wear ...

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TESTING CLINIC UPDATE – 22 September 2021 standard

We have extended the hours for today but we are requesting that no more people attend today. The queue is still back to Greenvale Lane, which is about a 3 hour wait. We will attempt to get though these tonight but it cannot be guaranteed. As a reminder, get tested if you have been to the named venues at the date and time listed or if you have COVID-19 symptoms. We accept the anxiety within the community but we have tested a large number of people today who don't meet either of the criteria. This leads to delays in getting tested and delays in receiving swab results. If you need to get tested and you are not tested today, isolate overnight and present ...

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ATTENTION MANSFIELD We have been requested by the Goulburn Valley Health Public Health Unit to convey the following information. A recent visitor to Mansfield yesterday returned a positive COVID-19 result. We have been notified of a number of local public exposure sites. These are the ones we have been officially advised and please be mindful that rumours of supposed others may circulate. If you have been to these exposure sites on the dates and times listed please get tested. Isolate until you get tested and isolate afterwards. If your exposure is Tier 2, isolate until you get a negative result. If your exposure is Tier 1 isolate for 14 days and until you get approval to leave isolation. The exposure sites are: Mansfield Coffee ...

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And here is the update for today..... Firstly we have received the following advice: Anyone living within the resort is exempt from requiring a test to enter the resort, meaning they can leave and return without having a test. Essential services are exempt from requiring a test to enter the resort. Students living outside the resort that attend school in the resort are exempt from requiring a test to enter the resort. People who work within the resort but live outside the resort must have a negative test within 7 days prior to arrival. Anyone else entering the resort must have a negative test within 72 hours prior to arrival. This includes school groups. You should discuss your individual requirements with ...

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