Residential Aged Care

Buckland House Nursing Home provides 30 beds for high level aged care while Bindaree adds a further dimension to the hospital’s increasing role in caring for the elderly members of the local community with a total of 42 low care beds, including 11 dementia specific beds. Bindaree has an ‘Ageing in Place’ program.

Enquiries and applications are welcome for both permanent and respite care.

To access either residence, the individual requiring care must have an assessment performed by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS); you can be referred to this service by your local doctor or the Visiting Nursing Service.

An application for Respite Care or Permanent entry to an Aged Care Home must also be completed.

When you have completed the ACAS and Asset and Means Test assessment, you will need to make an appointment to see the Aged Care Liaison Officer and/or the nurse in charge of the nursing Home or hostel. They will direct you in the steps to be taken to have your name placed on the waiting list.

For additional information regarding accommodation specifics you click on the link to download either the Bindaree or Buckland handbook.

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