Entering Residential Aged Care

In accordance with the requirements of the Australian Government the person requiring care must have a free assessment with ACAS. Referral can be arranged by your local doctor or the Visiting Nursing Service.

An application for Respite Care or Permanent entry to an Aged Care Home must also be completed.  When you have the assessment paperwork, you will need to make an appointment to see the Hospital’s aged care liaison officer and/or the nurse in charge of the nursing Home or hostel.

They will ask you to bring in a copy of the Aged Care Assessment and any financial information or assessments that you may have; and, any pension and health care or  Veterans’ Affairs cards and other information you consider relevant.

It is always very difficult to predict how long someone will be on the waiting list.

We do prioritise people according to their care requirements, Home situation and multiple risk factors. We take into consideration the length of time someone has been on the waiting list.

Assessing Eligibility for Aged Care

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Information Brochure

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Guide to Entering Age Care

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