Urgent Care Centre

When you arrive in the Urgent Care Centre your care will be prioritised according to the severity of your illness or injury.

Our Urgent Care Centre is staffed 24 hours a day with nursing staff. Medical practitioners are on call.

Unless it is a life-threatening emergency or an urgent case, you may not see a doctor. Your care may be provided by a Registered Nurse or the doctor may instruct hospital staff to ask you to make an appointment at the medical clinic the next working day if your condition is considered non-urgent.

Upon presentation your needs are assessed and if the injury or illness is considered serious, arrangements will be made for you to be transferred to the appropriate metropolitan or regional health service. In many instances this will be to Northeast Health Wangaratta.

You will be charged by Ambulance Victoria if transferred from Urgent Care. It is important that you have an ambulance subscription to cover the costs.

People suffering financial hardship can discuss payment arrangements with the doctor.

A schedule of fees for non- Medicare patients may be found here.

In addition to the assistance of local medical practitioners nursing staff may also utilise the Emergency Department of Northeast Health Wangaratta through telehealth facilities as required.

Click here to see the difference between an Emergency Department and an Urgent Care Centre

Urgent care beds

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