Hospital Ward

In our 15 bed Hospital Ward we care for patients with a range of medical conditions and care after surgery. Our nursing care is offered in partnership with wonderful local General Practitioners (GPs), visiting surgeons, specialists and other health and wellbeing services.

About the Ward

Our hospital ward team support your care, comfort, and recovery. They work closely with you to understand what matters most to you and plan the care that meets your needs.

We welcome public patients and people with private health insurance. Please follow the link to learn more about the benefits of using your private health insurance for your stay.

  • Our Rooms

    The hospital ward has four single rooms, four two-bed rooms, and one four-bed room. This includes one specialised bariatric room to support people with obesity and related health concerns. Some rooms have private bathrooms, while others have shared facilities. Each bed has a television (at no charge).

    Additionally, we have one self-contained suite with a sitting area, kitchenette and private bathroom. The suite is prioritised for patients requiring end-of-life (palliative) care and those with complex health conditions. It offers space and privacy for patients, their families and friends.

    Our hospital has lovely established gardens and seating areas, which we encourage patients and visitors to explore.

  • Our Menu

    Our menu includes nourishing, freshly made meals tailored to your dietary needs. Refreshments are available throughout the day.

  • Visiting Medical Officers (VMO)

    Local GPs serve as Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) and provide medical care to patients in the ward. The rostered VMO visits the ward daily and is on call 24/7. Additionally, your own GP, specialist and/or surgeon may visit you during your hospital stay.

Your Stay in the Ward

Please take time to read our Patient Handbook that outlines what to expect before your hospital admission, during your stay, and after you go home. Please read this carefully, alongside any information provided by your surgeon, GP or other health professional. We understand that coming to hospital can be stressful, so let our staff know if you are feeling at all worried.

  • What to Bring

    Please bring only essential items with you, such as your medical paperwork, prescription medications, phone, ID, headphones, and something to read. We urge you not to bring jewellery, other valuables, large amounts of cash, large bags, or alcohol or drugs that have not been prescribed for you.

  • Visiting Hours

    We always recommend that your family and friends read our visiting hours before planning their visits. Each patient’s needs are different, and we adjust visiting times and the number of visitors accordingly. So to avoid disappointment, ask your family and friends to call ahead on 03 5775 8800.

  • Recovery

    Early in your stay our staff will start to plan your return home (called ‘discharge planning’). This is to ensure we have ample time to work through what you need at home for a smooth recovery, and to put those things in place.

4Ms: Age-Friendly Care

In our hospital ward we have recently introduced the '4Ms Framework' - What Matters, Medication, Mind, and Mobility - to deliver care to older people based on what’s important to them. You will see wall posters, handouts and staff T-shirts and badges promoting the '4Ms'.

It starts with a ‘what matters to you?' conversation between our patients and staff. Please talk to our staff if you would like to learn more about the '4Ms Framework'.

What matters to you matters to us.


We value your compliments, concerns, suggestions and stories. Let us know how we can improve.

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Do you have questions, or would you like to know more? Call our reception team on 03 5775 8800 and ask for the Nurse Unit Manager.

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